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RBS Group
RBS Group
RBS Group Remuneration Disclosures
RBS Group Annual report
RBS Group Annual review
RBS Group Pillar 3 Document
RBS Plc Annual report
RBS Plc Full year announcement
RBS Plc Half year results
NatWest Plc
NatWest Plc
NatWest Plc Annual report
NatWest Plc Full year announcement
NatWest Plc Half year results
RBS NV and RBS Holdings NV
RBS Holdings N.V. Annual report
RBS N.V. Full year announcement
RBS Holdings N.V. Half year announcement
RBS N.V. Half year announcement
Ulster Bank
Ulster Bank
Ulster Bank UBG Annual report
Ulster Bank UBIL Annual report
2012 Annual Report for Citizens
Coutts ARA
2012 Annual Report for Coutts

How to receive printed copies of our reports

As part of our commitment to the environment, we aim to reduce the number of printed copies of our documents by making them available online in accessible electronic formats. Rather than order a hard copy, why not view your desired report online or download a PDF? Better still, how about signing up to receive reports electronically in future with our electronic shareholder communications?

If you would still rather receive a printed copy by post, please contact our registrars Computershare either via the Company meetings, events & reports section of their website or by email request.