NatWest shareholders

Historical Shareholders

In March 2000, RBS completed the acquisition of National Westminster Bank Plc (NatWest). Under the terms of the offer, NatWest shareholders were entitled to receive £4 in cash in exchange for every NatWest share held. There may also be additional payments due in connection with ownership of these shares (for example, dividend payments).

Unclaimed funds

Some former NatWest shareholders have not yet claimed the cash due to them. RBS previously appointed Georgeson to help find those shareholders and offer help in claiming those funds, however the period for RBS retaining those funds has now come to an end.

In accordance with the Companies Act 2006, the unclaimed funds have now been paid to the Court. Shareholders wishing to claim the monies due will need to apply to the Court to at the below address:

The Court Manager
Miscellaneous Payments
Chancery Division
Royal Courts of Justice
7 Rolls Building
Fetter Lane
London EC4A 1NL.

For further information on the tracing programme, please see the Georgeson website.

Preference shareholders

If you hold NatWest preference shares you can manage your shareholding online via Investor Centre, the free, secure online service operated by our Registrar, Computershare Investor Services Plc.  For further information, please visit our Managing your shareholding page.